Just how popular is Brian Redman?

Just how popular is Brian Redman?

When Evro decided to publish Brian Redman’s memoir, we knew that he had a lot of fans. But we weren’t prepared for a sell-out within weeks.

Now Brian Redman: Daring Drivers, Deadly Tracks (price £50) is available again following an urgent reprint. We would like to thank frustrated customers for their patience during this period.

One early purchaser in the United States, Major William Brown, sent an email with some high praise, which we quote with his permission – and ignoring Brian’s blushes. “I have every single biography/autobiography of every racer ever printed since the early 1950s and I would rate this entire book/package in the top 10 of them all; it’s a ‘must-read’ for sure. Were I to pick one single book from my entire library to give to a person trying to understand my passion for motor sports, I would without question pick this book to be the one.”

An early shipment of reprinted copies was available at Goodwood Festival of Speed, where Brian is pictured. This year he was driving the Porsche 917 PA that gave him some alarming experiences, as related in the book, in the last two races of the Can-Am series in 1973. At that time it had been converted into a 917/10 (with 1,000bhp) but now, in Miles Collier’s ownership, it is back in its original form.

In between runs in the Porsche, Brian signed copies of his book at the stand of Evro’s partners The Signature Store, and will be signing again at Goodwood Revival (9–11 September).

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