Reid Railton: award number three

Reid Railton: award number three

Award-winning motoring journalists, photographers, broadcasters and authors from the UK and Europe were honoured at the Guild of Motoring Writers’ Annual Awards on Thursday 29 November at the Royal Automobile Club, Pall Mall, London.

A record-breaking total of 284 submissions (the most ever received in the 74-year history of the Guild) was entered in the professional categories.

The Mercedes-Benz Montagu of Beaulieu trophy, for the best recording of the history of motoring in the English language, was collected by prolific author and noted Guild historian Karl Ludvigsen, for his comprehensive two-volume history of Reid Ralton, published by Evro last April.

“I’m deeply appreciative of the Guild’s award of its Lord Montagu Trophy to Reid Railton – Man of Speed,” said Karl. “I’m sure that the outstanding design work of Simon Loxley made a big contribution to this recognition.

“It was the joy of a lifetime to have the opportunity to write about Reid Railton, whose work I have admired for many years. When I learned much more about him I was gripped by the depth and detail of his story, especially his little-known work in the design of record-breaking boats for Malcolm Campbell and John Cobb. The only area where he admitted ignorance was airplane design!

“I was lucky in finding revealing vignettes such as his solving of a mysterious noise in a Hudson prototype. For a 21st-century audience I endeavoured to set Railton’s work within the context of its times so it could be better understood by the modern reader. I hope this contributes to a better appreciation of the career of an engineer who deserves to be ranked among the greats of Britain and the world.”

In the photograph above Karl is pictured with National Motor Museum Public Relations Manager Jane Riddiford (left) and Mercedes-Benz Communications Director Debbie Hull. 

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