Paul-Henri Cahier (Photographer)

The son of renowned photo-journalist Bernard Cahier, Paul-Henri Cahier grew up with the sound of race engines and the smell of Castrol ‘R’ racing oil, going to Grands Prix when school holidays allowed.

When Paul-Henri was 13, Bernard lent him one of his cameras and let him discover on his own the world of Formula 1 photography. No particular advice was given – basically just ‘do it’. By the time he was 15, Paul-Henri’s photos were being published in magazines. In his late 20s, having explored different avenues of creative expression, he decided to become a professional racing photographer and embraced the pictorial wealth of the Formula 1 world, which he describes as ‘full of human emotions, intense speed and graphic delight’.

He has covered over 500 Grands Prix, worked with many clients, and contributed to numerous magazines and books around the world.