Reviews of John Surtees’s memoir

“A beautifully illustrated 300-page tome that tells the full story as it happened. Surtees is a hero among heroes and richly deserves every plaudit.”
Steve Cropley, Autocar 

“It’s hard to pick fault with a book that’s so enjoyable to dip into – especially since royalties go to the Henry Surtees Foundation. Highly recommended for fans of two- and four-wheeled motor sport.”
Octane (Book of the Month)

Motor Cycle News

“What’s unusual is the structure – concise two-page summaries of each few years, with highlights, events and trends, plus generous picture sections with explanatory captions. It works brilliantly… This is a very personal work, frank and straightforward, and unexpectedly engaging.”
Motor Sport

“What a life – and what a marvellous book to celebrate Surtees’ 80th birthday. It’s built around archive photos of his incredibly successful years racing bikes and then cars, becoming the only man to win world championships on two and four wheels. For all that, the commentary is modest. No need to brag when your record can speak for itself, and when these photos do such a good job.”

“We have taken the brave step of making My Incredible Life on Two and Four Wheels by John Surtees, Retro-Speed magazine’s Book of 2014. It really is that special.”

“Surtees’ recollections are excellent, there’s a foreword from Valentino Rossi and Sebastian Vettel, and it’s all brilliantly illustrated.”
Auto Express

“Lavishly illustrated… a must for any Surtees fan, or fan of a bygone racing era… a beautiful photographic memoir of a unique career.”
Classic Motorcycle Mechanics

“A superb look back at his tremendous career.”
Daily Express

“This large-format book is full of excellent photographs... you'll feel like you're sitting with Surtees listening to his anecdotes and insights.”
Classic Car Weekly (Book of the Week)

“As Vettel puts it: ‘I think nobody else in the racing world has a personal story that so directly echoes the mechanics of motorsport – from building motorcycles in the 1940s to the running of a racing team in the 1970s.’ And that’s just what makes the book so great to read. John Surtees: My Incredible Life on Two and Four Wheels guides you through so many eras of motorsport through the eyes of one brilliant and very humble man.”

“Fantastic. The photo reproductions – most of them in black and white – are beautiful. I was relieved to see that Surtees’ career in bike racing filled nearly half of the book… His memories are pure treasure. Valentino Rossi writes the foreword… Valentino doesn’t really write forewords to books. But he grew up as an F1 junkie so Rossi certainly knows the impact and accomplishment of Mr John Surtees.”