Reviews of MotoGP Season Review 2014

“With a new publishing company on board for 2014 we wondered if Ryder’s observations might be tempered slightly. No fear – his most recent effort is actually more amazing than what we’ve seen from this book previously. As we’ve said before, Ryder’s season review is better than any YouTube video, more in-depth than any weak tweet and offers more solid info than any purported MotoGP iPad app.”

“This all-colour hardback provides comprehensive coverage of the 18-race MotoGP World Championship, with race reports, comment, analysis and statistics. There are also superb sections on how each of the bikes was developed over the season, while the photography is worth the price alone.”
Daily Telegraph 

“It’s all laid out in an easy-to-digest fashion, which is impressive given the sheer amount of information packed into the book’s 200-plus pages. The photos aren’t bad either; even in still shots of Marquez, the combination of flair and control that marks him out as a potential all-time great is fully apparent.”
Motor Sport

“Solid summary of an eventful season from the veteran commentator… for many the whole thing will be worth the £30 for the Andrew Northcott pictures alone.”
Ride magazine

“We suggest you get yourself a copy of the Official MotoGP Season Review. Written by Julian Ryder, but more importantly photographed by Andrew Northcott, you have a 208-page review on everything that happened in the 2014 season. S-weet.’
Fast Bikes

“Provides comprehensive coverage of the 18-race MotoGP season, complete with race reports, comment, analysis and statistics.”
Motor Cycle News