Reviews of World Encyclopaedia of Racing Drivers

“We’ve had Nick Georgano’s Complete Encyclopaedia of Motor Cars since the late 1960s, and now at last there’s a reference work to sit comfortably alongside it on the bookshelf. We recommend it without hesitation.”
Octane (‘Book of the Month’)

“Leafing through the pages, names keep cropping up from not so long ago but who are now largely forgotten. ‘Oh yes! I remember him,’ is a frequent reaction and you read on, in many cases to discover how careers came to an end and what happened next.”
BRDC Bulletin

“Former Autosport staffer Peter Higham has compiled this incredible, 1000-page collection of 2500 racing driver profiles. With almost one million words, the three-volume tome, which comes in a sturdy slipcase, offers an invaluable research tool for motorsport history lovers – everybody who was/is anybody in international racing is here, with key biographical and statistical info.”

“All the greats from a diverse range of formulae and eras are covered, but the joy is reading about lesser-known pilots. The fascinating biographies of Luigi Arcangeli, who died practiSing the challenging 12-cylinder Alfa Tipo A, and Juan Zanelli, the Chilean Bugatti driver who later joined the Resistance and was killed in a gunfight with the Gestapo, are typical. You will be continually dipping into it, as well as using it as a vital reference aid. Guaranteed to become a sell-out collector’s item.”
Classic & Sports Car (‘Book of the Month’)

“It’s increasingly rare to find books that break new ground – and this one would also likely break your foot, should ever you drop it… Motor Sport’s office library is dense – and a select few works are regarded as infinitely more useful than their neighbours. This has just been added to that list.”
Motor Sport