Reviews of Le Mans 1923–29

“This is the sixth volume in author Spurring’s magnum opus… The recipe is as before, with events analysed via a series of sub-plots backed up by extensive illustrations (no mean feat, given the period here covered) and comprehensive results tables… this is fast becoming one of the modern age’s finest reference series.”
Motor Sport

“Spurring focuses on individual marques and works their stories into the narrative. This makes for a more entertaining read and means you get to learn more about obscurities such as the Majola than you otherwise might. It’s superbly illustrated and nicely presented.”

“The more one reads of this volume the more one appreciates the effort that has gone into it. The historical interest and quality of the pictures cannot be stressed enough… The book has almost everything, it covers the ‘vintage’ period when Great Britain, through Bentley, came to dominate the event, the pictures are superb, the text is eminently readable and covers more than just the race by giving background to the teams and cars… the volume finishes with a comprehensive index and this must be the best book so far on the early history of Le Mans… Buy a copy now and bear in mind that you might end up buying further volumes in the series… The book is nicely produced and very reasonably priced and gets our highest recommendation.”
VSCC Bulletin

“The latest of Spurring’s books on Le Mans goes back to the event’s beginnings, 95 years ago... It makes a terrific reference book, but it’s very much more than that.”
Classic Driver (New Zealand)

“This official account of the era gives coverage to the smaller models as well as Bentley’s dominance, with balanced text that captures the drama without hyperbole, and an abundance of images.”
Classic Car Weekly