Reviews of Formula 1 Car by Car 1970-79

“Peter Higham certainly is an encyclopaedic author, and is behind many all-you-need books on Formula 1. Now he’s tackling the cars themselves, decade by decade... It comprehensively charts every single-seater to have graced (or disgraced) the starting grid. From the Mexican Team Rebaque to Ecurie Evergreen, they’re all here, but the dominance of the big guns from Lotus, Ferrari and Terrell is of course omnipresent. The book is jam-packed with single-car photos relaying as much visual information as possible... ideal for a superb reference book that you’ll find yourself pulling off the shelf constantly.”
Classic & Sports Car

“Higham’s detailed research adds fascinating nuances to familiar elements but the real joy comes in sifting through the obscurity (such as Tony Trimmer in the Maki, or a young Bobby Rahal’s cameo in a Wolf WR5), photographed throughout in full colour.”
F1 Racing

Formula 1 Car-By-Car 1970-79 keeps up the high standard set by the previous book. More than just a coffee table book of pretty car pictures, it’s a superbly detailed reference work too.”

“Higham’s method is to delve into the nooks and crannies... while using the phenomenal LAT archive. The result is a series of gems hitherto lost in the mists of time.
     The treat here is seeing colour photos of all the driver/car combinations – in the case of BRM in 1972, that means Beltoise, Howden Ganley and Peter Gethin in both P160 and P180 models, Bill Brack and Brian Redman in P180, and Reine Wisell and Helmut Marko (yes, that one) in P160 and P153. That’s 14 driver/car combinations for one team in a single season...”

“Encapsulating an entire decade’s worth of F1 racing into pictures and tales of individual cars and teams makes for an interesting read, and allows you to get a feeling for the evolution of the politics and technologies of the era. And what an era the 1970s was. Awesome cars, iconic drivers, epic battles, and the dawn of ground effects, turbos and major-league sponsorship. Higham covers the many minnows, too, most largely forgotten.”

“Year-by-year chronicle of arguably the most creative period in F1 history. Colourful and enjoyable.”
Classic Cars

“This book is a must for fans of F1 nostalgia. Improvements in photography over the era mean this edition’s imagery gets better as it goes on. It's a really complete account of the entire decade.”
Auto Express

“Higham’s book covers each season individually, discussing each team’s fortunes and technical developments... an intriguing read.”
Classic Car Weekly

“A wonderful trip through the most colourful and eccentric decade of Grand Prix racing.”
Automobilsport (Germany)