Reviews of Formula 1 Car by Car 1960-69

“Enthusiasts will be aware of Higham’s authority and the exhaustive research he’s put into his previous works... he’s applied the same attention to detail and extensive historical study in this tome – and we look forward collecting future volumes.”
F1 Racing

“Almost everybody knows how a factory Lotus looked, irrespective of year, but if you want to verify the identity of Carel Godin de Beaufort’s Porsche 718 in 1962, or David Hobbs’s F2 Lola-BMW in the 1967 German GP, then look no further.
    “It’s a book that treats Ecurie Maarsbergen as more than a sporting footnote - and that alone make sit worthy of investigation.”
Motor Sport

“This book does a great job of reminding us of just how exciting motor sport was in the 1960s... This lavish volume contains more than 600 photographs... The year-by-year account of the different teams and their cars is fascinating reading.”
Classic Car Weekly

“A great opportunity to see the sport evolve before your eyes.”

Classic Cars

“Fabulously detailed... a visual and intellectual delight for all F1 fans.”

Daily Express

“Year by year the author builds up a detailed look at what each team, car and driver was up to. One of the great assets of this book is the 630 photographs supporting all those facts and figures.”

Best of British

“...does a great job of guiding the reader through the key technical developments of the decade such as the adoption of monocoque construction, wider tyres and aerodynamic wings.”
Ferrari Owners Club magazine