Reviews of HOBBO Motor racer, motor mouth

“If you are in any way interested in motorsports history or in building any sort of respectable book collection about motor racing, you must add this book to your list. It is a remarkable account of the life of one of the most beloved personalities in the sport.”

“The problem with most racing driver biographies is that they often fail to get across the personality behind the achievements. This book is the exception.”
Classic & Sports Car

“This fascinating autobiography is highly entertaining with lots of fresh memory-jerking pictures.”

“One of the most anticipated racing books this season… It’s packed full of great stories from when he battled in sports cars and open-wheel machines around the globe. It’s a rollicking ride… a great read with lots of fantastic pictures.”
Speed Sport magazine (USA)

“What makes the work is Hobbs’s style: engaging, modest, self-critical… Engrossing though this book is, the best writing concerns Hobbs’s power of observation: he recalls for example meals at the Surtees home in Edenbridge — ‘a nightmare because Pat (Surtees’s “steely-eyed wife) and John would spend the whole time grousing about how he was being got at by Shell or Ferrari’.”
Guild of Motoring Writers

“The book is written in an easy-going, matter-of-fact way, and will keep you smiling throughout, as Hobbo lays it on the line for all to enjoy.”

“Hobbs wittily recounts his life from avoiding bombs to the commentary box via an astonishing career as a racer. Entertaining.”
Classic Cars

“Included in Mr. Hobbs reminiscing is humor (the time his race car expired and he was four miles from the pits, so he knocked in a local's door and ended up watching the race on the man's TV), to biting opinions (“I judge that Lola T310 Can-Am car one of the worst machines Eric Broadley ever designed”). To say this book has poignant character throughout would be an understatement!
Victory Lane (USA)

“Hugely entertaining… a very personal book… Highly recommended.”
Jaguar World Monthly

Hobbo is a definitive account of David Hobbs’s career and even the most ardent fan will learn a thing or two from this colourful work… the illustrations, many of them from the David Hobbs collection, bring life to the myriad anecdotes.”
Motor Sport