Reviews of Spitfire People

“Readers might consider there is very little new to write about the Spitfire, but author and broadcaster Paul Beaver has chosen a fascinating, different angle from which to approach the aircraft… Beaver’s fine text examines the key personalities in the Spitfire story, person by person… The result is a fascinating book that places the Spitfire in a new context… adds immeasurably to our understanding of ‘the aviation icon’.”
Aviation News

“Making up the body of the book are essays on significant figures in the Spitfire story… Each entry is comparatively short, but pertinent, well-written and generally even-handed… ‘Spitfire People’ is a book that will have widespread appeal.”
Aeroplane Monthly

“…goes a great way in adding another chapter to the story of Britain’s most famous fighter.”
Best of British

“If you thought there was nothing more to say about R J Mitchell’s finest creation after countless books concerning the Supermarine icon, then you should find the time to read Paul Beaver’s ‘Spitfire People’…”
Flight International