Bruce McLaren: From the Cockpit

“Certain contemporary Formula 1 stars would do well to discard awhile their mobile phones, switch off Snapchat and dip into this charmingly faithful facsimile of Bruce McLaren’s autobiography, first published in 1964... scarce original copies can fetch a sizeable premium, so Evro decided – 50 years on from McLaren’s first F1 car, ditto his victory in the Le Mans 24 Hours – to reproduce it down to the last semi-colon.”
Motor Sport

“The writing is engaging, it’s full of anecdotes about those he raced against, and there’s plenty for tech fans too.”

“Unlike most modern sportsmens’ autobiographies, the famously self-effacing McLaren avoids insights into his personal life. Instead, we get the minutiae of racing from the driver’s eye, almost race-by-race, in a level of detail most spectators wouldn’t know about.”
Classic Cars

“Published over 50 years ago, it is still an incredible read... the character, style and wit of the man shine through the passages and chapters of this, in my opinion, excellent book.”
Vintage Racer

“It’s an engaging, if quaint, story of courage and commitment and no small measure of talent – at the wheel and in the workshop… A reminder of a bygone age in which sportsmanship was still a prerequisite among the stars of the F1 circus, and the drivers were friends who fraternised regularly. At £20, it’s a steal.”
David Tremayne, Grand Prix+ e-magazine