If you are wondering whether Formula 1 Technology is a book for you, do read this review by Ben Evans that has just been published on the website

"Watching a dull Formula 1 grand prix, it is disconcertingly easy to forget just what technical marvels the cars are. At the very forefront of mechanical and technical design, their performance and reliability is astounding – as is their complexity. 

I wouldn’t even know where to start in describing how the cars work – but fortunately Steve Rendle does. His new book ‘Formula 1 Technology – The Engineering Explained’ is the perfect primer for anyone interested in the technical aspect of the sport. As a piece of research and technical writing made accessible, it is a true achievement.

After a brief chapter spinning through the evolution of Formula 1 cars from the inaugural 1950 season to the present day, the structure of the book follows a component-by-component – chassis, power unit, aerodynamics, etcetera – explanation of how a Formula 1 car works.

Managing to be both comprehensive and accessible, ‘Formula 1 Technology’ is easy to dip into, making it the perfect sofa companion during a grand prix weekend for unpicking the updates from the pitlane. The challenge with books in this territory is balancing the detail level between novice-friendly and doctorate, and it is rare to see it done as well as this. Comprehensive illustrations also helpfully clarify some of the finer points.

While trade secrets aren’t exactly given away, it is also clear that Rendle has had first-hand observation of the workings of modern F1 cars, giving insider credibility that could easily be lacking otherwise. I found the chapters about testing and set-up particularly fascinating.

For the F1 fan with a technical interest, this is a must-have. Particularly at the start of a new season when understanding those winter tweaks is paramount."

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