At a recent dinner hosted by M1 Concourse during the Woodward Dream Show in Pontiac, Michigan, Pete Lyons was named the Grand Prize Trophy winner of the 2021 Best Automotive Heritage Book for his Shadow: The Magnificent Machines of a Man of Mystery.

A panel of respected journalists led by long-time automotive scribe Csaba Csere evaluated entries according to a carefully designed scoring system, and the best were selected in several categories. Csere’s judges determined six Gold Medal winners, ten Silver, twenty-one Bronze and Five Best of the Best trophy winners in the Automotive Heritage Journalism Competition.

“I feel surprised, honored, and very, very pleased to have received this award,” said Lyons. “Through all the Can-Am and Formula 1 seasons that I covered the wholly unusual Shadows and their mystery-man creator, Don Nichols, I itched to know the obviously singular story behind them. That the telling of it finally fell to me was a singular privilege, and the so-called ‘work’ has been joyous!”

“It is wonderful that the Automotive Heritage Foundation has recognized the excellence of Pete Lyons’s history of Shadow,” said Eric Verdon-Roe, Evro’s Chairman. “It is one of the best books we have published. Pete has the perfect credentials for the task: he was there, following the Can-Am and Formula 1 as a race reporter; he knew all the key Shadow people, including Don Nichols, and interviewed them at length for his book; and he also took superb photos, many of which appear in the book.”

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