Here is a collection of review comments from newspapers, magazines, radio broadcasts and websites in Britain and America, including the thoughts of three Speed Kings:

“Fantastic… what really stands out is the passion for telling the story of each attempt… exceptionally good value.”
Classic & Sports Car

“Detailed and entertaining… a brilliant book… worth every penny.”

“Barry John’s Quest for Speed is unarguably the most comprehensive ‘deep dive’ examination of man’s insatiable pursuit of speed to date. With very high production values, it accurately portrays the progression of speed, its parallelism with emerging technologies, and the larger-than-life figures that drove it relentlessly forward. It brilliantly celebrates the ever-surging velocity of man’s lust for speed with beautiful illustrations and insightful commentary… It is a high-quality collector’s piece and a must-read by any standard of speed as we know it. Aficionados of speed will no doubt treasure this book as a centerpiece of their land speed racing library.”

“Thoughtful and informative.”
Motor Sport

“The author’s passion for the subject is on full display.”

“Barry John did a fantastic job on this Quest for Speed book. It goes back to the Blitzen Benz — one of the first Bonneville records in 1914. It’s got the Blue Bird with Malcolm Campbell, George Eyston, Challenger 1 with my dad, Mickey Thompson — the Goldenrod, Burt Munro from ‘The World’s Fastest Indian’, the Burkland Streamliner, George Poteet, the Vesco boys... so many good things… Most of the cars I’ve mentioned are piston-powered cars, which I am in favor of, but it’s got all the jets and everything else in there — a great book by Barry John.”
Danny Thompson (radio interview)

“A labour of love… very well produced on quality paper.”

“I have every book ever written about Bonneville and there are some good ones, but Barry John’s book Quest for Speed is a really beautiful piece of work. It encompasses record-breaking vehicles in a way that I don’t think any other book has done. Barry has done a fabulous job of covering land-speed vehicles in a unique and comprehensive way.”
Charles Nearburg (radio interview)

A delightful book… a charming and interesting title that more than justifies its cover price.”

“Read the mesmerizing story of the quest for speed in this beautifully illustrated book.”
Concepts International (USA)

“This is a very informative, entertaining, comprehensive book, and superb value.”
Classic Cars

“What a truly great book! The history of those with a ‘Quest for Speed’ is superb.”
Rick Vesco

“This is an excellent book, concentrating on man’s long term quest to travel ever faster on land.”

“Ideal for a younger audience, especially if you are seeking to wean your kids off computer games and would like to introduce them to the excitement of the real world.”

“What I noticed first, are the wonderful illustrations, on every single page. Beautifully rendered, all of the vehicles are shown in side view, very often with sketches showing technical details… the illustrations are complemented with a well-written story on each vehicle, its record(s), its driver, and in some cases, its patron or designer… I congratulate Barry John on his fine work, and Evro Publishing for making this high-quality book possible. I highly recommend it.”
lacar.com (Don Taylor)

“From the first to the last page, entertaining, exciting, amazing — and all this at a fair price.”
speedweek.com (Germany)

Best of British

“A wonderfully unique book that anyone interested in motorsports would truly enjoy… outstanding.”
Area Auto Racing News (Herb Anastor)

“All sorts of incredible machinery is charted along the way, including plenty of machines that you probably haven’t encountered before… all nicely illustrated in colour with John’s own drawings.”
Ferrari Owners’ Club of Great Britain

“This fantastically illustrated book details nearly 80 land-speed record cars… a great book for speed freaks and engineering nuts alike.”
Classic Car Weekly

“Each machine is illustrated by a highly detailed side view of meticulous draughtsmanship… good value for money.”
The Automobile

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