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Niki Lauda
Niki Lauda
Niki Lauda
Niki Lauda
Niki Lauda
Niki Lauda
Niki Lauda
Niki Lauda

By Jon Saltinstall

Foreword by John Watson

When, during the tumultuous 1976 Formula 1 season, Niki Lauda nearly perished in a conflagration at the Nürburgring and then, severely scarred, courageously fought back to race again only six weeks later, the Austrian earned admiration and adulation world-wide. While the saga of that year, and the battle with James Hunt for the World Championship, has been told many times, the rest of Lauda’s racing has received less attention. This new book redresses that by documenting, race by race, his diverse driving career from 1968 to 1985. Through detailed dissection of each of his 316 races, in an eclectic mix of cars, a vivid picture emerges of a hugely determined and vastly talented racer who, despite many setbacks, left a remarkable legacy. All enthusiasts will treasure this comprehensive and richly illustrated examination of Niki Lauda’s entire competition history.

  • Climbing the ladder: starting against his family’s wishes with a Mini in 1968, Lauda drove a Formula Vee Kaimann in 1969 and had a disastrous Formula 3 season with McNamara in 1970 before switching to a Porsche sports car; with progress stalling, he took out a loan to buy a Formula 2 seat at March in 1971.
  • Faltering in Formula 1: he débuted with March at the 1971 Austrian Grand Prix, then stayed with the team in 1972; he moved to BRM for 1973, still paying his way with further borrowing and some income from racing touring cars — but in all this time he had only one points-scoring Formula 1 finish.
  • The Ferrari years: finally Lauda fulfilled his promise after receiving the call to Maranello, winning the World Championship twice in his four years there, in 1975 and 1977, but he left after tensions with the team arose in his final season.
  • The Brabham years: Lauda famously won the 1978 Swedish Grand Prix in Brabham’s ‘fan car’, but thereafter the team’s competitiveness declined and he retired at the end of 1979, tired of ‘driving round in circles’ and focused instead on his new airline, Lauda Air.
  • The McLaren years: tempted by a salary of unprecedented size, Lauda returned in 1982 after a two-year absence, silenced doubters by winning his third race, and in 1984 secured his third World Championship; at the end of 1985, with a career tally of 25 Grand Prix victories, he hung up his helmet for good.
  • Publication: 28 November 2019

  • ISBN: 978-1-910505-46-5

  • Format: 280x235mm hardback

  • Page extent: 376

  • Illustration: 500 photos, mainly colour

    Jon Saltinstall grew up near Donington Park, where he witnessed his first motor race at the age of 12 after winning tickets in a local newspaper competition. Already fascinated by the sport and its history, he obsessively pursued his interest while following a career in banking. His admiration for Niki Lauda led him to embark on this book, his first, and after nine years, in 2019, he completed it a matter of weeks before his subject’s death. Married with two grown-up children, he lives in Leicestershire.

    “There have been many books written by, and on, Niki Lauda. But none quite like this… This one is not a retelling of Niki’s life story and exploits. Instead, it’s an intensively researched work which covers his driving career chronologically, literally race-by-race… even the most obscure early events and venues in what has clearly been a labour of love… John Watson provides an amusing foreword recalling fondly his old friend and team-mate… and in a stroke of genius Niki’s first entrant and mentor Kurt Bergmann adds a lovely afterword… I loved all of the aforementioned facets, but I think the thing that appealed most besides the depth of Saltinstall’s excellent research was the originality and execution of the concept... Unquestionably, this is an essential tome for any enthusiast’s bookshelf.”
    David Tremayne, GrandPrix+

    Motor Sport

    “I have about 600 motor sports books, including about 100 biographies, but this book is by far the best biography I’ve ever seen… Chapeau, Chapeau, Chapeau!”
    Christian Sandler, motorsport historian

    “Brilliantly researched… The early images are a real treat because many have never been published before… Excellent layout and great image selection, paired with short, sharp race reports, combine for a fascinating way to chart the career and tell the story of one of the very best racing drivers there has ever been.”
    Classic & Sports Car

    “Most impressive is the sheer depth of research… Even the more obscure events that Lauda took part in (many of which I did not know about) are reported in detail, and the choice and quality of the accompanying images are outstanding… fantastic pictures abound… Perhaps most importantly though, it really is a well-written book. Concise and well-balanced, it is a joy to read… I was quite moved when I finished reading.”
    Wolfgang Thomas, The Nostalgia Forum

    “In the case of Lauda, I set the bar just about as high as it will go, and any book about him needs to do him full justice. I am delighted to say that this book, nine years in the making and completed mere weeks before Lauda’s death, is a worthy addition to the canon of Lauda literature… Reading Saltinstall’s meticulous reportage I was reminded of how much I have forgotten… Saltinstall deserves much credit for this book, and the huge amount of research that must have gone into its creation. Publisher Evro is also to be congratulated for producing a high-quality book that feels worth its considerable price. The book is a recommended read for everyone who followed Grand Prix racing in the 1970s and ’80s. But it is an essential read for those who already respect and admire Lauda.”

    “What a treat… Congratulations to Jon Saltinstall and publishers Evro who have produced my favourite motor sport title of 2019.”
    Martin Bull, The Nostalgia Forum

    “Incredible… If you think this is an attempt to cash in on Lauda’s passing in 2019, you can shut up right now — it’s a labour of love that must have taken over Saltinstall’s life… its detours down all the ‘country roads’ of Lauda’s career and superb illustrations make it a worthy addition to the often-told story of his life.”
    Autosport (Marcus Simmons)

    “A fitting tribute.”
    F1 Racing

    “This is a superb production to the usual exacting standards for which Evro is renowned… Niki Lauda will always be a motor racing legend and this book tells and illustrates the story magnificently.”
    BRDC Bulletin

    “No matter how obscure the race, Saltinstall has tracked down the details… What really makes the book come alive is the expanse of photographs throughout… Goodness knows how much research was needed to unearth some of these gems… As ever with Evro the whole package is beautifully put together, which elevates the book from being a treasure trove for the devoted fan, to an absolute must-buy for any serious fan of F1.”

    “This book is definitely the complete story… a terrific biography… a must, an enjoyable read for many evenings.”
    Victory Lane (USA)

    “Saltinstall set out to write a comprehensive reference to Lauda’s driving career… the book hits on all cylinders.”

    “A fine piece of work, and one that even a short glance at will undoubtedly bring forth some unknown or long-forgotten fact or race.”

    “Impeccably researched… gives genuine insight into this complex and enigmatic man.”

    “Amazing… with photos that alone make this book worth the price… A delicious treat for every Niki Lauda fan.”
    Vintage Motorsport (USA)

    “Author Saltinstall treats each race as a separate and unique event, setting the stage, recalling the race, and leading the reader to the next with great skill. If three hundred race reports in a row seems like a lot, it is. But the writing is always interesting and the author’s selection of some 500 excellent photos from the day augments and colors each report with razor sharpness… This book is a fine tribute to a great racing driver… A truly amazing and inspiring racing life in 316 reports.”

    “The writing is top-notch… fantastic photos… a slice through time, like a core sample taken from rock strata.”

    “Every once in a while, a biographical book comes along that is so exhaustive in its research and detail it is about the finest compliment that can be given to the subject of such a tribute. I have read two such books in my lifetime. The first was the late (and wonderful) Michael Argetsinger’s Mark Donohue: Technical Excellence at Speed. The latest is Niki Lauda: His Competition History.” (Tom Stahler)

    “This is an unconventional biography, but so very Niki.”
    Classic Cars

    Niki Lauda: His Competition History is a biography that the subject himself would have likely appreciated. It’s precise, direct, and much more firmly rooted in facts and analytics than in hero-worship hyperbole.”

    “There is a quality feel throughout this 376-page book, both in the writing and the colour image quality.”

    “Niki Lauda’s Formula 1 career is one of the most documented in recent history, but Niki Lauda: His Competition History goes to new levels of detail… providing real insight into not only the kind of man Lauda was throughout his career, but also the journey he went on in each race he competed… As you read through the book, you realise it is more than just a factual documentation of the three-time world champion’s career. It is an encyclopaedia on Lauda.”

    “Richly illustrated… A stunning book.”
    Austro Classic

    “Comprehensive and richly illustrated… with a delightful foreword by John Watson.”

    “Quite simply, if you are a Niki Lauda fan, this is a must for your collection… worth every single penny… Saltinstall’s enthusiasm bubbles over. His appreciation for his hero is obvious. It will be to Saltinstall’s immense satisfaction that now his name will always be entwined with Lauda’s when it comes to motorsport literature and deservedly so.” (Richard Jenkins)

    “Detailed dissection… a vivid picture.”
    GT Porsche

    “This is a must for the bookshelf of anyone interested in the history of the sport and particularly this era.”
    Auto Tradition

    “This is like no other Niki Lauda book – it's like no other book, to be honest – in its thoroughness and depth of research… Author Jon Saltinstall makes no bones that he is/was a huge fan of Niki, so it’s a labour of love but because he’s such a fan, he’s gone to great lengths to produce a book worthy of Niki’s memory. One of the all-time greats of motorsport deserves to be remembered by one of the one all-time great motorsport books. This is certainly one of them… Some of the photos are breathtaking. Even though you think his F1 career has been covered in detail in previous books, the author has still managed to find obscure photos of Niki testing an assortment of cars, the vast majority of which have never been seen before… If that wasn’t enough, an eloquent and heartfelt Foreword from John Watson sets up the book nicely. ‘Wattie’ was the perfect choice for such a task… This is the sort of book you would expect from a veteran, vastly experienced author, not a first-timer.”
    Darren Banks, Amazon customer

    BRM Association Journal

    “A tremendous find for Nike Lauda fans… painstakingly researched…”
    National Speed Sport News

    “What a substantial tome this first-time author has written. It has all the high production values associated with Evro Publishing and is a joy to behold, if a little weighty to actually hold! The magnitude and thoroughness of Jon Saltinstall’s research of his favourite subject is immediately obvious and he covers exactly what the title implies. In fact, all of Niki’s 316 races, over his two careers, together with tests and demos are examined in some depth and in an interesting way using a multitude of reference sources. Almost every event has an illustration, all being of high quality. Even the ‘spy’ testing shots have been made to look good!”
    Keith Booker, Amazon customer

    “Detailed, precisely recounted and profusely illustrated.”
    Auto Italia

    “The level of research undertaken is seriously impressive.”
    Ferrari Owners’ Club magazine

      Niki Lauda
      Niki Lauda
      Niki Lauda
      Niki Lauda
      Niki Lauda
      Niki Lauda
      Niki Lauda
      Niki Lauda