Reviews of Ayrton Senna: All His Races

“It’s the features around the reports that really set this book apart… an impressively complete collage, making this a significant addition to the ever-growing Senna library. Pleasingly, the price is as ‘accessible’ as the format.”
Motor Sport

“For any fan of Senna or Formula One, it is a must-read.”
Daily Express

“The real enjoyment comes from the wide array of new interviews with figures such as karting star Terry Fullerton, team figures Ralph Firman, Dick Bennetts and Ron Dennis, plus many of Senna’s Formula 1 rivals. Their insight and anecdotes make this high-quality, 304-page hardback worth every penny.”
Classic & Sports Car

“The book is far greater than its title suggests, bringing together glorious photographs, thumbnail sketches of every race of Senna's career, and a collection of vignettes that present a well-rounded picture of the Brazilian superstar using the memories of those who knew him best… the real magic is to be found between the races, in the memories of those who were with Senna as he was getting strapped into the car, or as he slammed his way back to the motorhome after a bad result. By not shying away from including some of the less flattering stories, Dodgins represents Senna as less of a racing god, and more of an incredibly talented – and incredibly complex – human being, both frail and strong.”

“A beautifully produced and photographed portrait of a life or rivalries, friendship and animosity: and most surprisingly given his achievements, unfulfilled ambitions. Fascinating.”
Classic Cars