Reviews of Formula 1: All The Races

“No fan should be without F1: All the Races, the third edition of which came out this year. Roger Smith’s work is a wonderful combination of fact, description and illustration. This iteration includes an internet download that updates it to the end of 2016.”
Giles Richards, The Observer

“After dipping into this for five minutes, my head exploded. It’s a race-by-race summary, backed up by myriad tables, graphs and bullet-pointed facts... Lap lengths, total distances, weather, the winner’s positions during the race – it’s all here, along with what happened and why... Producing this must have become an obsession. Pub-quiz victory guaranteed.”

“Smith must have had many a sleepless night during the production of this factual tome... a must, and may be considered the ultimate reference book for F1 race fans, scholars and aficionados alike.”
Vintage Racecar

“It’s certainly a worthy addition to any reference library and we applaud the added bonus of the list of non-championship F1 races between 1946 and the 1983 Race of Champions at Brands Hatch.”
Motorsport News

“A remarkable amount of work has been put into this book by author Smith to chart every single Formula One championship race from 1950-2015, including the qualifying results, final outcome and any key events from each GP. Across those 65 years, a total of 935 races are covered in these pages, and for anyone with an interest in the history of F1, it makes for essential reading.”
Auto Express

“Meticulous isn’t a strong enough word to describe this book. Painstaking detail has clearly gone into each of the 668 pages... enough in-depth knowledge to keep anoraks hooked from page one.”
Classic Car Weekly

“This is a perfect addition for any fan’s bookshelf. Formula 1: All The Races does exactly what it says on the tin... the politics and the stories behind the mere race statistics as well as highlights of the season.”
Daily Express

“Now in its third edition, this book is an essential reference for the F1 enthusiast, as it covers just about every aspect of each GP from qualifying to the final result. And of course it also includes those incidental off-track happenings so unique to F1 that influenced a race or championship – like our James Hunt in 1976.”
Classic Motoring

“A quite remarkable effort from Roger Smith.”
Classic and Sports Car

“Packed with anecdotes, folklore, fascinating snippets and intriguing ‘Race Pods’ that appeal to the Internet-generation, Roger manages to capture the zeitgeist, with his historically vital reams of detail, spread over a remarkable 668pp. It is never less than brilliantly explained and explored... It is a great and informative reference book, for which every motorsports fan ought to reserve a space on the coffee table, or in the home library. They truly do not get much better.”
Iain Robertson,