Reviews of Brian Redman’s memoir

“Among my personal library of dozens of books by and about racing drivers and the sport we love, this is the best motorsports book I have ever read.”
Jean Jennings (leading US motorsport journalist)

“It was said for a long time that Brian Redman didn’t want to write his autobiography because to do so would be to suggest that he had reached the end of his career. So those of us who longed to hear his tales and to imagine them related in that distinctive Lancastrian accent, had to sit on our hands and wait. And wait. But, as with all very good things, it’s been amazingly worthwhile.
   “...this is not a racer’s egotistical summary of his own greatness, but a like-it-was story shared by a man who, great though he undoubtedly was at the wheel, has forever remained a humble and real human being true to his roots and mores.”
David Tremayne, Grand Prix+ e-magazine

“Brian Redman’s long-awaited racing biography is a cracker. Frank, outspoken, amusing and often sad, it’s not only a colourful picture of one of our finest drivers, but a damn good read. Avoiding a year-by-year progression, Redman weaves biography with chapters on his highlight tracks, for example Spa, where he won four times and almost lost his life. He lucidly explains both the lure and the fear.
    “Unusually, an epilogue by Redman’s wife Marion makes thoughtful points about her husband’s book – not least her summary: ‘The only way you could know more about... the racing life in this era was to have been there.’ She may well be right.”
Motor Sport

“Evro Publishing, recently founded by the publisher and racing enthusiast Eric Verdon-Roe, has already built up a fine reputation and this latest work doesn’t disappoint. It’s attractively laid out, easy to read and contains hundreds of images, all of them reproduced at a generous size. Redman’s co-author, Jim Mullen, is himself a racing driver of some repute and the pair have concocted a pacy narrative that grips your attention from the opening chapter...
    “Since retirement in 1989, Redman has been actively involved in Historics and he is proud to have been invited to every Goodwood Festival of Speed and Revival. ‘I am a lucky old driver,’ he says – and now he’s lucky enough to have this superb biography.”
Octane (Book of the Month)

“This is a true first-hand, seat-of-the-pants memoir... an outstanding read – totally recommended.”
Vintage Racecar

“‘Buckle up, readers, you’re in for a great ride,’ enthuses Mario Andretti in the foreword to this autobiography from Lancastrian ace Redman – and he’s right.
    “Besides a wealth of anecdotes... his wife Marion and BMW team-mate Sam Posey also add fascinating insight. A superb photo selection completes this cracking read.”
Classic & Sports Car

“Brian Redman’s revealing memoir is captivating.”
Classic Car Weekly

“I have every single biography/autobiography of every racer ever printed since the early 1950s and I would rate this entire book/package in the top 10 of them all; it’s a ‘must-read’ for sure. Were I to pick one single book from my entire library to give to a person trying to understand my passion for motor sports, I would without question pick this book to be the one.”
Major William Brown, (reproduced with his permission)

“At last, a book about the brilliant Brian Redman... often humorous and, as you’d expect, sometimes poignant.”

Classic Motoring

“Brian Redman provides a vivid account of life in the fast lane during the 1960s and 1970s... With a foreword by Mario Andretti, Redman recounts stories of driving for Porsche, Ferrari and colourful privateers on some of the world’s most famous racetracks, adding anecdotes about the era’s famous drivers, managers, heroes and rascals along the way.”
Classics Monthly

I found the whole thing quite riveting, and a marvellous read... worth every penny.
Fortyfication magazine

“The wry narrative style brings out not only the funny side of his many racing adventures, but puts the harsh realities of his personal and professional life in stark perspective.”
Bob Varsha (US motorsport TV commentator)

“Brian Redman might not be a household name but he should be. Driving throughout the 1960s and 1970s, he led at the Le Mans 24-hour race and won races at the Targa Florio, Daytona, Spa and the Nurburgring... a great read with terrific photography.”
Daily Express